Moscow is in flames and Vasilisa Petrovna is to blame. Even Demetrii Ivanovich, Crown Prince and her cousin and her brother, the Monk Alexander Petrovich cannot save her from the angry mob. Vasya has other friends that most people cannot see, can they help her save Moscow and her family?
I have loved reading this trilogy and was looking forward to it finishing in yet another gorgeous story – I was definitely not disappointed. Where “The Girl in the Tower” seemed to concentrate a lot more on the people and the battles (reminding me of “The Two Towers” – necessary but not my favourite), “The Winter of the Witch” is right back to the gorgeous Russian winters and their mythology with spirits abounding and the road through Midnight providing a path.
If you like Russian mythology at all you will absolutely lovely this clever retelling; the settings are wonderful and the characters are enough to move you to tears whilst not taking away from the beautiful story in any way.
This is fabulous book, but make sure you read the whole trilogy in order – you will absolutely love it!