A car is stolen and Jack Caffery is straight on the scene because it isn’t just a car that has gone – there’s a little girl missing too and Jack doesn’t think she’ll be the last…
This is another of my TBR list and, yet again, I am glad that I am picking up some of these old favourites. Jack Caffery and Flea Marley are excellent characters, both deeply flawed but with such a lot to give. My favourite, however is the “Walking Man” – he’s just there on the edge of everyone’s vision – I’d like a walking man of my own!
In this story, what starts off appearing to be a car jacking turns out to be something a lot more sinister and more cars with little girls in the back are targeted and the jacker seems to know so much more than the police. As one the areas identified is a culvert, Flea and her divers become involved and we reunite the fabulous cast of characters for yet another clever thriller to keep us on the edge of our seats.
I really enjoyed this book and it has reminded me why I should read more novels by Mo Hayder – one to be highly recommended.