Ink by Alice Broadway
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Leora’s father has recently died and his skin is ready to tell his story like everyone else in Saintstone. Leora wants to be an “inker”; one of those who makes the tattoos that define people’s lives and who would have added to dad’s story. A public marking makes her realise that not all marks are good marks, and something happens to make Leora think that her dad may not be who he said he was. Is the fate of his story in her hands?

I really liked the premise for this book and was intrigued by the idea that marks on the skin could tell a story. From the synopsis, I did wonder whether the marks were n actual story (which I did think was slightly implausible) but the fact that they are tattoos makes much more sense and is really a very clever idea.

As characters, I thought that Leora and Obel were the most well written and had the most about them. Verity, Sophie and Oscar did lose their way a little in the tricky third quarter, but had certainly come into their own again at the end and definitely did their part to add to the shock factor of the climax.

This is a great YA novel as it has so many themes for everyone to enjoy, but it is YA and should be thought of us such; particularly in the relationships between Leora and Oscar and Leora and Verity. Nevertheless, it’s a brilliant debut and I can’t wait to see how the story continues in the next one; I’ll definitely be reading it!

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