An Expert in Murder
An Expert in Murder by Nicola Upson
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

It is the last week of Josephine Tey’s play “Richard of Bordeaux” being on in the West End and she travels down on the train from Scotland to watch it and see the cast. On the train, she meets and befriends a young fan but, as the train arrives in London, there is an unpleasant murder; setting off a chain of events which Josephine and her friends from Scotland Yard must solve before it is too late for any of them.

I would say this novel is a “cosy mystery”, it has a gentle cast of characters, none of whom do very much or who have much about them and nothing really happens other than them rushing about in horror when the murders are committed. Apparently there is a real Josephine Tey who really did write “Richard of Bordeaux” so it seems a little strange that the author was not really able to add more character to her or to any of those she interacted with.

I can’t say I particularly enjoyed this story; I found it very slow moving and the characters were not very rounded. Despite this it was rather a slog to read and came to a rather unsatisfactory conclusion. All in all, not my favourite crime novel and not a series I will continue to read.

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