Moriarty by Anthony Horowitz
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

After the events at the Reichenbach Falls, a body has been found and has been identified as that of the master criminal, James Moriarty. Inspector Athelney Jones and the Pinkerton Agency’s Detective Chase meet over the body and find a coded message in his pocket. The message leads them on a desperate chase back to London to stop the fiendish Clarence Devereux from taking over where Morarity left off.

I very much enjoyed “House of Silk” and as a fan of Conan Doyle’s methods of detection, I also liked very much the character of Athelney Jones and the way he could deduce things, Holmes-like, through observation and consideration rather than rushing into things blindly as some modern day detective characters still seem prone to do.

The trouble is I didn’t really like the narrator (Chase) and he has such a big voice in this novel, that was rather a problem. There is, of course, a reason why his character needed to be written in the way it was; but for me, I found that very disappointing and I just didn’t really warm to him very much at all.

I do think these Horowitz “Holmes” stories are a good way of continuing the story without taking over from the original and, as I say, I did enjoy the “House of Silk” I just didn’t really like this one. I’ll be reading another in the series if there is one, but I’ll be reading the title first!

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