There Will Be Lies
There Will Be Lies by Nick Lake
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Shelby Jane Cooper is nearly 18 but she isn’t allowed out very much because her mum is always worried about her. Her mum is absolutely right to be because Shelby gets run over by a car and taken to hospital. Then something very strange happens; mum collects Shelby from the hospital and they get in the car and drive away from their old life but she won’t tell Shelby why. The answers are not at all what Shelby had expected!

I didn’t really enjoy this book that much – the story was very predictable and I knew what was going to happen from the start. The dream sequences are slightly more interesting, but even they don’t tell us anything particularly new and they certainly weren’t enough to make up for the predictability of the rest of the story.

Sadly, I also didn’t find either Shelby or Shaylene particularly interesting or well – rounded characters and I certainly didn’t warm to either of them. I did quite like Luke, but he did seem to be the only one with much about him and unfortunately played a very minor part in the story overall.

This wasn’t really a book I would recommend to anyone particular as I cannot see who its audience is meant to be, and I would not read another one by this author.

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