Little Boy Blue
Little Boy Blue by M.J. Arlidge
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Helen Grace’s team are called to a murder at a nightclub called “The Torture Rooms”; a place where almost anything goes. When the victim’s identity is discovered, Helen realises that she knows him – it’s her old friend and “master” Jake and Helen is determined to catch the murderer to avenge her friend. Then there are more murders and Helen realises that the link between them is her. Is there anyone who hates her so much that they will stop at nothing to ruin her?

I find these Helen Grace novels such an “easy read”; not that their subject matter is ever easy, but they keep my attention and make me want to keep reading. I really like Helen’s character, although I am almost at the stage where I think nobody could be that unlucky. Almost everyone she meets is out to upset her or misunderstand her in some way and, as this novel ends, there seems no way back from that.

This fifth novel in the series is slightly different in that it does wholly focus on Helen and her team, Charlie in particular. This is because the story this time is actually that of Helen and, although in this case I think that works OK, I am hoping that there is a shifting outwards next time as I think it does take away some of the enjoyment I have previously got from Helen’s relationships with others.

This story does really end on such a cliff hanger that you might think it ought really to be one book rather than the lead in to “Hide and Seek” which I purposely didn’t read next as I wanted time to think about “Little Boy Blue” first. I am, of course, really looking forward to reading “Hide and Seek” though, and shall be very interested to see where the story takes me next!

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