Die of Shame
Die of Shame by Mark Billingham
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Ex-addict, Tony Da Silva, runs a therapy group on Monday night for Robin, Chris, Heather, Caroline and Diana. After one session, one of the group is murdered and DI Nicola Tanner is assigned to the case. The problem is, the group have so many secrets between them. Can Nicola unlock the one which will lead her to the killer.

I wasn’t a great fan of this book to be honest although I am a fan of Mark Billingham and his Tom Thorne novels. I do think a group of recovering addicts is a very hard topic to write about – by definition they do need to be selfish and this did make the characters difficult to get to know and although some of the their stories were very upsetting and traumatic, they still didn’t really make me have much sympathy for the characters as they were written.

I do think this is a bit of a flaw in the premise of this story because disliking the characters did make me pretty aware that one of them must be the murderer, and the flow of the book meant that it was obvious who it had to be from the start. I was therefore only reading to “confirm” what I already suspected and this did take away some of the enjoyment.

Still, I did find this generally an easy read, although I did feel it went on far too long and would have been just as successful as a novella if not more so. I don’t think I’ll be reading any more Nicola Tanner stories if there are any, but I would definitely be happy to read more about Tom Thorne

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