The Window Washer
The Window Washer by Eric Rill
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Nick Grant’s wife and son have been killed in a fire in his father’s house. As one would expect, Nick’s life has fallen apart and he turns to drugs to make himself feel better. After a while he decides to sort his life out again and, as part of that process, gets a job as a window washer which gives him the time alone he needs to sort out his feelings. One day, Nick sees something through a window that he shouldn’t and all of a sudden his life is turned upside down all over again.

I need to say straightaway that I didn’t really like this book. The bit about Nick, the accident and it’s aftermath take up most of the blurb, but actually the book isn’t really about any of that at all; it’s more of a gangster/mob story with an enormous cast of very confusing characters. If you like that sort of book, then I expect you’ll really like this as it certainly goes along at breakneck speed and is full or action. Personally, it isn’t my kind of book at all since there is really no chance to get to know any of them or, sadly to care about what happens to them really which makes it a hard read for me as I much prefer to be emotionally involved with the characters, even if I don’t like them!

I found the story rather superficial, probably because of this, and although it was perfectly well done, it just wasn’t really for me. If all the novels by Eric Rill are of this ilk, he is clearly not an author I would be looking to in the future.

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