The Swimming Pool
The Swimming Pool by Louise Candlish

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Natalie Steele is a Primary School teacher with an unglamourous life as the wife of a teacher with a teenage daughter. One Summer the local lido reopens and, whilst there, Natalie and her daughter Molly meet the beautiful Lara Channing and are drawn out of their own world and into that of the local celebrity and her family. Slowly it appears that their friendship is not all it seems, and Natalie must pay for her actions of the past, no matter how long ago.

I was drawn to this book because the main character is a teacher who likes swimming, so perhaps a kindred spirit I thought? I could not have been more wrong. Natalie, Ed and all the adult characters are totally unpleasant, self centred and frankly unlikeable and behave in a way which is so totally opposite to the expectations of a professional person as to be laughable. In their own way, the children are also pretty unpleasant, although, of them all, Molly is the only one who comes out of the novel with anything about her at all.

I also thought the story was very contrived, and although the first sentence really does grab you, when you find out what is behind it, it is also totally ridiculous and should be indicative of the totally unnecessary behaviour to come.

All in all, I really didn’t enjoy this novel at all, and I am afraid I certainly couldn’t recommend it. Use your time more sensibly, read something much better instead!

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