Tastes Like Fear
Tastes Like Fear by Sarah Hilary
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

A girl runs out into the night, cars swerve to avoid her and a young man is killed. Marnie Rome and Noah Jakes must find the girl to ensure she isn’t the girl they are looking for in a missing persons case but, when they look into things more deeply, there are more missing girls and some of them are turning up. Only they aren’t in a position to answer any questions; they’re dead! Marnie and Noah must use all their resources to find the remaining girls whilst they still can.

I always really look forward to a new Sarah Hilary novel as I have enjoyed her previous books so much. Truthfully, this is my least favourite, but my least favourite by her is still an enjoyable read. Marnie Rome, Noah Jakes and the supporting cast of characters are once again extremely well written and interesting in their own right. Their back stories make one sympathetic to decisions they make in their working life and, although I am not a real police person, it appears to me that they are amongst that rare breed of those literary detectives who don’t break any and all usual rules and behave in a way which would mean automatic suspension in the real world.

The thing that I didn’t enjoy as much this time was that the “bad” characters were much more cut and dried. In the previous two novels, the special part for me is that Hilary doesn’t paint anyone as black and white and you end up with understanding for the perpetrators, even if you can’t condone their behaviour. This time, “Harm” was much more clearly a criminal and I didn’t have sympathy for him or Christie at all.

All in all though, as I say, I would rather read one of these novels than many others and this one once again held my interest and made me want to read on.

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