London's Glory
London’s Glory by Christopher Fowler
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Over the years, Bryant and May have solved many peculiar cases with their colleagues from the PCU. It appears that some of those crimes have not yet been recorded, and so they are brought together here as a set of short stories.

I am a fan of Bryant and May already, and loved the idea of catching up with some of their shorter cases. Christopher Fowler paints not only his characters but his scenes of London so well, and as Bryant and May are so very old, has a lot of years to play with!

As to be expected with a book of short stories, some are better than others – my favourites were the footprints in the snow and the restaurant in the swimming pool, and I wasn’t keen at all on the fairground one. Of course, this gives the chance for other people to have the totally opposing view to me which is exactly how it should be.

At the end, Fowler gives an outline of the other stories in the series and, as I haven’t yet read them all, I am saving those synopses until I do. Nevertheless, it adds yet more breadth to what is already there and, as a book in entirety, you certainly do get a lot from it.

I recommend the Bryant and May series anyway, and I would certainly say that any fan would want to read this. It is also a great introduction to the pair and their friends and colleagues though, so if you don’t have time to read “A Full Dark House” at the moment, read this one instead!

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