The Girl Who Broke the Rules
The Girl Who Broke the Rules by Marnie Riches
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Bodies are being discovered in Amsterdam with vital organs missing. Paul van den Bergen is investigating again and, four years after they last worked together, calls on the assistance of George McKenzie to identify one the victims. George is still working on her PhD and as part of that process is interviewing the serial killer, Silas Holm, who is in a psychiatric hospital. Can van den Bergen and George solve the case before it starts to get far too close to home for comfort?

I read “The Girl Who Broke the Rules” because I wanted something I knew I would enjoy and which I would find “easy” reading. Not to say that reading about crime and murders is pleasant or even entertaining, rather that I knew that it would rip along at a great pace and there would be plenty to keep my interest going without being too taxing.

I like the characters of George and van den Bergen and I think you would not enjoy this book as much if you hadn’t read the previous part of the story; their relationship is quite strange and it is assumed that you know George’s background story, but it wouldn’t stop you enjoying this one if you read it first.

This is not a novel concerning the contemplation of the appalling nature of the crimes, nor even really much more than a vehicle to enjoy the story of the two main characters, but I did enjoy it and I would recommend both it and the rest of the series. If you enjoy a good crime novel, this is one for you!

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