The Girl Who Wouldn't Die
The Girl Who Wouldn’t Die by Marnie Riches
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

A serial killer is taping students into boxes and blowing them up in Amsterdam. George McKenzie is a visiting student from Cambridge who has plenty to keep quiet about in her past life, but when a Dutch policeman asks for her help, she can’t say no. It seems that the killer may know more about George than she thinks and when things come very much closer to home, George realises that you cannot escape your past life no matter how hard you try.

This is a fun thriller to read – it isn’t one which really taxes the brain and it is actually very predictable but I did like the characters involved, particularly that of George, and it was written in a very easy to read style.

As the first in a trilogy I thought it also ended well, plenty to encourage me to read the next one but a satisfactory conclusion to this one too. All in all, a book I enjoyed and a series I will look forward to reading.

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