Things Half in Shadow
Things Half in Shadow by Alan Finn
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Edward Clark is a journalist with a secret past sent to show that the city’s mediums are cheats and liars. Lucy Collins is such a medium who knows Edward’s secret and uses it to blackmail him into not exposing her in his newspaper. Lucy and Edward attend a seance with the famous Lenora Grimes Pastor and are horrified when the medium dies during the event, but not before revealing secrets which nobody but a real medium could ever know. Suddenly, Lucy and Edward must work together to clear their names by finding the real killer before their newly revealed pasts catch up with them.

For some reason I put off reading this book for a while – the title reminded me of a “Flavia de Luce” story and I was not in the mood for child detectives – so when I realised I had had it on my list for some time, I thought I ought to take the plunge; I was very glad to have done so!

I have really got into reading these Historically set crime stories recently and this is a great addition to the genre. The characters of Lucy and Edward particularly, but also those of the wide supporting cast, are well written and attractive. Even when they are behaving badly towards other people and even to each other, they are still sympathetic and I still wanted them to solve the mystery. The story itself is different and fun to read and, although quite predictable, had enough about it to make me want to keep reading. I was actually quite surprised when I finished reading it as it seemed to have gone past very quickly, and I would definitely want to read another book about Clark and Collins’s adventures. A well written story which I would recommend as a fun and easy read.

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