Alone In the Dark
Alone In the Dark by Karen Rose
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Marcus O’Bannion meets a young girl in a park. She won’t come near him so he starts to sing. It takes a bit of time but she finally agrees to meet him. Unfortunately, Marcus isn’t the only one there. Who was Tala and why was she so desparate to get away? What made it safer for her to be alone in the dark? Marcus and Detective Scarlett Bishop must find out, before the monster in the dark finds them first.

This is the second book in Karen Rose’s Cincinnati series which started with “Closer Than You Think” and includes many of the same characters – although the emphasis here is on a different couple than last time. I like that idea as I could still read about the characters I enjoyed last time but also get the know some new ones which gives the story room to expand outwards much more.

Both Scarlett and Marcus are likeable but flawed characters (which does seem to be a theme in both the Karen Rose novels I have read). They are interesting people who don’t always make the right choices but make them for the right reasons, so they resonate well as “real” rather than perfect and unlikely.

Before I read Karen Rose’s novels, I was not a fan of romance really and I’m still not. However, there is also a very good main story to this series, meaning that the romance part is incidental rather than dominant, and this makes it much more fun to read.

All in all, this is another very long book but definitely worth investing time in and I did enjoy reading it. I am not sure if there would be anywhere to go with a third book in the series; but if there was, I would definitely read it.

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