Last Days of the Condor
Last Days of the Condor by James Grady
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Condor used to work for the security services but he had a breakdown and now lives in an apartment in Washington. Faye and Bald Peter are the team checking on him one night when a white car starts watching. Faye isn’t sure, but Peter doesn’t think anything of it. Then Peter’s body is found on Condor’s apartment, and Faye and Condor must risk everything to get to safety.

I have to start by saying I am neither American nor have any relationship with any secret services. I have no idea if this would help me understand this book any better, but it presumably might so if you do fit those categories you may enjoy it a lot more than I did. Sadly, I really did not enjoy it at all.

Firstly, I don’t like books which are not written in full, proper sentences. I understand that this was done to add drama and make the story feel as if it was going at break neck speed, but I found it very staccato in structure and struggled to keep up with what was going on as it all seemed to flash past so quickly.

I also felt that the way that the speeches were written was rather confusing. Again, I am sure this was to add to the feeling of drama, but often someone was speaking and then there were more speech marks on their own, but it turned out to be the same person. I found this a distraction rather than adding to the suspense for me, but of course, others may have a different opinion.

Finally, I just didn’t think much of ths story. There was such a lot of action and so much happened, but the story didn’t progress at all. I found myself not looking forward to sitting down and reading it, because I knew there was such a lot to get through before anything meaningful happened. It might have helped if I had any sympathy with any of the characters, but I felt this went by the way side in favour of more action which meant that there was not much chance to get to know them very well and therefore to really care what happened to any of them. I think this is the second book about Condor, so maybe there is an assumption that we know him from the first book, but I haven’t read it so I could not say if that was the case or not.

All in all, I found this book very frustrating. I really enjoy a good thriller, and I think there is probably an interesting story in there. Unfortunately, it just wasn’t written in a way that was able to appeal to me.

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