Stolen Child
Stolen Child by Laura Elliot
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Susanna would do anything to carry a child full term but when David is away she miscarries again. She buries Joy at the edge of their land but she doesn’t tell anyone. She’ll just take a baby and tell everyone it’s hers. After all, Carla Kelly has everything so she can spare her baby, can’t she?

I thought this was going to be a mystery novel from the title and the write up. In fact, there’s no mystery at all; we are told from the start what has happened – who has stolen the baby and from whom. Instead, it’s really the story of two broken families – one who have to live an enormous lie and the other who can’t face up to what everyone else says must be the truth.

I am not really a fan of novels like this so I suppose my review must be read with that in mind. I do think the story was well written and I did like Joy and David in particular. I am afraid it just wasn’t my cup of tea and it didn’t hold my interest very well; the fact that it took me almost two weeks to read is not a good sign!

Nevertheless, if you do like a “human interest” type story then you might well enjoy this. And if you do like that sort of novel, I expect you’ll really like this one.

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