Whisky From Small Glasses
Whisky From Small Glasses by D.A. Meyrick
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

DCI Daley has been sent to Kinloch to help solve a murder – a girl’s body has been found in the sea and the local police don’t have the manpower to deal with it. Along with his DS, Brian Scott, his investigation leads him so much closer to home (on more than one front) than he would ever have expected.

This is the second DCI Daley novel I have read, although it is the first in the series. I did think the second novel (“The Last Witness” ) was referring back to things which had happened in this one but that was clearly not the case and either of them can be easily read as stand-alone.

The story itself is a very typical crime novel, there are some murders which the police solve in the end and various secrets and personal matters are revealed along the way. As these books are set in Kinloch, some of the characters’ speech is written as dialect which I normally don’t like, but this is quite OK to read and doesn’t detract from the story at all.

What sets these books as ones worth reading is the characters of Daley and Scott; both of whom are very well fleshed out and appear very human; mistakes and all. I very much liked the relationship between the two men and the way they bounced off each other – these are really Daley novels, they should be labelled as Daley and Scott as you couldn’t really have one without the other.

In summary then, an easy read requiring not much thought but very enjoyable for that – I will definitely look out for number three in the series.


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