I Am Pilgrim I Am Pilgrim by Terry Hayes
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

The Saracen has a deadly plan. His father was killed by the Saudi state when he was a boy for voicing his opposition to the king and the Saracen wants revenge. Now he knows exactly what sort of revenge he wants to take and there isn’t anyone to stop him. Nobody, but a deep undercover agent who can’t even remember his original name. Safer just to call him “Pilgrim”. Terry Hayes is a very successful Hollywood screenwriter and this is certainly evident in his writing. This is a very long novel which is clearly screaming out to be made into a film and so there are cliffhangers and short bursts of energy at every turn. It is also very much a novel of its time, centring as it does on the issues between America and some members of the Moslem community; I have to say I did find this slightly unsettling as it was clearly very one sided and again, obviously written for an American film going audience and it certainly isn’t a book which will stand the test of time in my opinion. Nevertheless, it was certainly an easy novel to read and had plenty of action to keep my attention. There were plenty of characters who were certainly very clearly brought to life and who definitely made an impression upon me and there was a great attention to detail which I did enjoy. It isn’t a pleasant story but it’s a good, easy read, perhaps to take on holiday when you want something which doesn’t really make you think; that’s a shame because this is far from the subject matter to be consumed in that way. I’ll be passing it on as a good read but I won’t be reading it again.

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