Skywatcher by Donna Maree Hanson
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The Inspector is on the move. Not content with defeating Lenk and conquering Vanden he wants the observatory too. But fate has brought Salinda together with Laidan, Garan, Brill and Danton and together, they will not let the observatory fall.

If you haven’t read “Shatterwing” first, I absolutely recommend that you do so – it will completely spoil the story for you if you haven’t, and indeed, I commented on that review that they should be one book and I still agree with that notion.

As a book in it’s own right, I enjoyed this one even more than “Shatterwing”. I still really liked the setting of the novel which is very original and cleverly thought out, but as there was more time to meet the same characters and really, as there was only the culmination of an event, the author was able to flesh the characters out more and I felt I knew even more about them.

There is still the big issue of this being the second half of something. As I say, there was only one event and most of the build up to that was in the previous novel. It’s really hard to say too much about this one without giving too much about that one away, but there is a very interesting twist at the end which I hope means that the author intends to write more novels in the same setting; and I would definitely read them as I have enjoyed both the setting and the characters of this one. I would just very much like it if they read like a complete novel on their own next time.

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