Broken Monsters
Broken Monsters by Lauren Beukes
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

A body is found in Detroit but it doesn’t quite look as it should; when Detective Gabi Versado appears on the scene she discovers that the body is half child and half deer and is being nicknames “bambi”. But then other strange bodies start to appear and Gabi must find the perpetrator before he is able to get to those she cares for.

I found this novel very disturbing. I very much enjoy a crime thriller, but this one veered off far into the horror genre and there were a lot of quite nasty descriptions of death and gore which I did not enjoy or really think added anything to the story.

I liked the characters of Gabi and Layla, but I found a lot of the peripheral characters very confusing and, as the story is written from multiple points of view, I found it quite difficult to keep straight what the story was and who knew what.

The end of the story became rather supernatural and unnecessary and I must say it left quite a nasty taste in my mouth – I am sure this is a clever novel but I did not enjoy it at all and I would definitely steer away from this author in the future.

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