Summer's Shadow
Summer’s Shadow by Anna Wilson
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Summer’s mum has been killed in an accident and Summer has been sent to Cornwall to stay with her uncle Tristan, whom she has never met. Summer doesn’t really feel welcomed by Uncle Tristan’s son and she’s never seen his wife, so who are these people and why does she get the feeling that there are strange goings on in the house?

I am an adult reader with young children, so I often read YA fiction in order to see if it is suitable for them to read. I must say I frequently approach these novels with a heavy heart, knowing that I will be thrown into a world of vampires and unrequited love (not that this does not have it’s place, but it is becoming rather tired). I was happily impressed therefore, to read a novel where the characters are normal people getting up to things that normal families do and acting in a normal way, which is much more the kind of book I would like my children to read.

As other reviewers have stated, I think this book is suitable for younger teens. I see this as a real gap in the market; there are plenty of books for pre-teens and then we seem to jump straight to works of the vampire ilk detailed above with not much else in between. I know that my 11-year-old daughter, who has really enjoyed books such as the St Clare’s books from Enid Blyton, will happily graduate to ‘Summer’s Shadow’ without needing to grow up overnight.

Overall, I found this novel eminently suitable for its intended audience and will definitely recommend it to my daughter and her friends.

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