The Critic
The Critic by Peter May
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Enzo McLeod is a Scottish Forensic Scientist, lecturing in France. For a bet he has decided to try and solve the cold case murders written about in a book. This is the second in the series and concerns itself with “The Critic”, of the title, wine critic Gil Petty.

As a fan of murder mysteries, I expected to enjoy this novel a lot more than I did. Unfortunately, the mystery in the book takes a significant back seat to the descriptive passages concerning the intricacies of wine making. I have no doubt that these are accurate and they are indeed very detailed, but I felt they completely detracted from the story to the extent that I struggled to remember who the main protagonists were because they were described in much less detail than the wine making. This did mean that I did not warm to any of them and now, sitting to write the review of a book I finished last night, I am finding it difficult to remember much else about the story at all.

Peter May is obviously a writer who takes pride in the details of his work. As someone who does not feel able to write a novel but absolutely loves reading them, I have infinite respect for him in this regard. Reviews of his other novels reveal what a talented writer he must be. Sadly, for me, I do not feel that this novel must do him justice. Based on this one, I do not feel that I would enjoy his other works. I hope to be proved wrong in the future.

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