The Last Witness
The Last Witness by Denzil Meyrick
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

DS Brian Scott and DCI Jim Daley arrested notorious gangster, James Machie, five years ago and on the way to prison he was killed. How is it possible that JayMac is back and planning his revenge on the people who put him away. And where does that leave Scott and Daley?

This is apparently the second novel in the Daley series and now that I have read it, I definitely intend to go back and read the first one – always the sign of an enjoyable book! It did not really detract from the story not having read it, but I would like to know the full story of JayMac’s arrest and so on as I did find the relationships between the criminals interesting.

Even though I have obviously missed some background story, I found the characters of Scott, Daley and Donald very real and extremely rounded and I quickly felt sympathy for the policemen caught up in this awful situation. I have to declare now that I really don’t like speech which is written phonetically and it is a sign that I enjoyed this book that I almost managed to forget about that aspect. I also found the relationhship between Scott and the criminals he had grown up with very believable and clearly very difficult – Meyrick is clearly an excellent observer of human nature and this comes across very clearly in the novel.

All in all, I really enjoyed “The Last Witness” and would highly recommend it as an easy, but interesting read. I had a small issue with the explanation of JayMac’s amazing “return”, but the rest of it was down to earth and very believable. I shall go and put “Whiskey From Small Glasses” on my wishlist straightaway.

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