Soul Meaning
Soul Meaning by A.D. Starrling
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The Bastians and the Crozirs are families of immortals who have been at war for hundreds of year. Lucas Soul is a half breed – one of his parents was from each immortal family. Someone doesn’t like that and everyone wants to kill him – the trouble is, he only has one death left!

This book begins with Lucas Soul’s penultimate death and continues pretty much in the same vein; at breathtaking, breakneck speed and without a great deal of time for nuances. If you like explanations of fighting and violence, then you may enjoy this. For me, it made me need to read these sequences very quickly and I may, therefore, have missed some details about the characters (although I don’t think so). Because of this attention on the fighting, there was not so much time to get to know the characters and although I did like Soul, I am not sure I liked him enough – I would have liked to know more about the background story of him and Olsson for example and some down time to explore both his and other characters emotions may have made me feel more sympathetic to them.

In any case, this is a high octane, very exciting debut novel which I did get a lot of pleasure from reading. Once I got to the end I was interested to see that the author says she wanted to fit all of Lucas’s story into this one book so that she could concentrate on other characters next time. I will certainly be looking for the next one in the “Seventeen” series with interest – I just hope things slow down a bit!

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